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The best Craft CMS learning resources

by Meg

Craft CMS training

Hi, I’m Meg! I’ve been with Mutual for a couple of months now. Because we're a Craft CMS agency, I've been learning how to do general Craft updates and maintenance.

In doing so I’ve found the following websites pretty useful, so thought I’d share my thoughts on them:-

Straight Up Craft

Straight Up Craft offers free webinars, paid lessons, articles and even plugins. If you are already a Craft user, want to know how to solve a problem, or learn something new, this site is a great learning tool.


Mijingo is a fantastic resource, from ultimate beginner to the more complicated stuff. Ryan Irelan is super easy to listen to, never patronising and is generally an all-round great teacher. He also blogs if you just want a quick piece of info without getting too deep into the rabbit hole.

Craft Quest

Concise and loaded with information, Craft Quest offers courses, lessons & live streams, as well as the occasional free video.


Andrew Welch is the talented developer behind plugins like SEOMatic. On his nystudio107 blog, he shares powerful tips and tricks to make Craft more SEO friendly, performant, and generally fancier.

Craft Link List

The Craft Link List from John Morton is an email newsletter curating the best, most useful, links about Craft CMS. He hunts for them so you don't have to.

The official documentation

The official documentation for Craft is always improving and with Craft 3 earlier this year they moved to a new format that's a lot easier to find. My top tip is to go straight to the "Front-End Development" section, that's where most of the nuggets live.

The Discord community

The Craft CMS Discord Community is a great community and they're seemingly always willing to help. This is less of a learning resource and more of a 1-on-1 helping method. But if you're really stuck and the other materials haven't helped, try in there.

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